Child Support Modifications and Your Financial Obligations

When you take a look at child support, it almost never feels fair to either party. The one paying the support feels frustrated and believes they pay too much each week, while the other party getting the support doesn't feel like it is enough. Courts take a look at how much money is available to support the children, and then they look at how often each parent takes care of the kids. If both parents make equal incomes and share 50% of everything, child support is not an issue. It is when one party has the children more that the other parent usually must pay some type of child support.

If You Lose Your Job

Losing a job can be catastrophic to your everyday life, especially when you have a child support obligation. While you can file for a child support modification, you are going to face tough questions when it comes to why you are no longer employed. The judge on your case may decide that your support obligation remains the same, no matter why you lost your job. When you are obligated to pay child support, do your best to stay employed.

When You Learn Your Ex Makes More than Reported

If you only suspect that your ex is making more money, this won't do much for you in court. If you have direct proof that your ex is making a lot more money than they reported while in court and you are obligated to pay child support, you may be able to get your support reduced. If you are the one receiving support, bringing your ex back to court because you learned they have a much better job may lead to you receiving more child support.

Consider the Children's Needs

When you have enough money to live on and to take care of the children when they are with you, it may not be necessary to seek child support from your ex. If your ex has the children for extensive visitation but you have sole physical custody, you might be awarded child support you really don't need. If this is the case and your ex is suffering financially, you can choose to let the child support obligation of your ex go.

When it comes to financial obligations, the kids are supposed to come first. It is always going to be in their best interest to work as hard as you can and to fulfill your child support obligations every week. Contact a child support attorney for more information.